Sergey Kultaev

Sergey KultaevI started fencing at the school, “Riposte,” in 2003, after graduating from Saint-Petersburg State University. “Riposte” was the only place in Russia where students could study classical fencing (historical). I have been a fencing instructor since 2007.

Longsword fencing is based on the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer. Renaissance Rapier is based on the Italian Masters of 16-17th centuries. Classical fencing is based on the late 19th- and earlier 20th-century foil, epee and sabre tradition.

In 2013 I founded "Freifechtergilde SPb", these days it is one of the largest and strongest HEMA clubs in Saint-Petersburg and Russia. I was an invited instructor in Russia, the USA and Europe and led Longsword and Saber workshops.

At the beginning of 2016, I was elected as a president of the National Federation of HEMA in Russia - NFHEMA.

I have a couple dozen medals from various competitions in Russia, Europe and America (BMT/Moscow, Challenge/Saint-Petersburg, IGX/Boston, Longpoint/Baltimore, Swordfish/Göteborg, HLO/Helsinki, AIMA ROMA/Rome, Tyrnhaw/Trnava, Test Match Minsk/Brescia).

Position in the international HEMA rating for January 2019: N2 Longsword, N3 Single Rapier, N7 Rapier&Dagger. My students also won several medals in longsword and other tournaments in different HEMA competitions in Russia and Europe.

My favorite saying is, “Got hit? It means you were wrong!”. I teach only the techniques that I have interpreted, tested, and mastered myself in sparring and competitions. Studying is an infinite process. My feeling is that this art is like a puzzle and we're discovering parts of it from multiple sources from different ages.

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