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PBT historical fencing line is a development of PBT Fencing company that has been producing and selling sport fencing equipment for more than 20 years. We keep up the high standards that we established with the help of about 45 people who work in the production and sales. All our equipment have been examined and carefully tested by experienced HEMA fencers. This helped us a lot in developing the appropriate products. Each of our equipment is made by qualified tailors who take special care of all the details. We would like to offer good quality and safe fencing equipment at all times. We ship HEMA gear to all over the world and we do our best to make your purchase easy by providing a fast and reliable customer service.
What is SPES Historical Fencing Gear? We are just as passionate as you are. In the beginning, we made clothes and arming garments for Medieval re-enactors. Lately, we have decided to expand our services to include the lovers of historical fencing. This community grows year on year and its members increase their exploration of the arcana of fencing based on the historical treaties. SPES Historical Fencing Gear came into existence with the idea of enhancing your safety during training in the Historic European Martial Arts.

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The Sparring Gloves are almost entirely handmade and created as a result of thorough analysis of all kinds of possible fighting injuries based on many years of sparring experience. Thus the gloves may serve as perfect protection against wounds likely suffered in the historical fencing art. Sparring Gloves absorb the energy of any hard blow as well as ensure perfect mobility of wrists and fingers required in accomplishing fighting techniques. Made of high quality materials, i.e. impregnated cordura and kevlar® sewed with fine waxed double thread.

The Knight Shop is one of Europe's largest retailers and wholesalers of replica militaria and associated giftware. As the UK's market leaders their impressive portfolio boasts a 1,000 sq. ft. Shop opposite the World Heritage Conwy Castle, a 12,000 sq. ft. showroom and distribution Centre, a full time Historical Combat Academy and their very own 13th Century Medieval Tower currently housing the Tower Coffee House.

Based at the gates of Rome, heir of a long standing tradiction, Spadanera aims to bring the best of the Made in Italy all around the world.

Thanks to the quality of our materials, our high standards and our client focused process, Spadanera is a rapidly growing brand in the Italian scenario.

Our main sectors are reenactment, full contact elements, HEMA equipment and collector’s objects, but do not hesitate to contact us also with different requests.
As our motto states…
…Not only Middle Age

To the A.I.M.A. Roma

About A.I.M.A. Roma

The A.I.M.A.Roma it's the biggest event on Historical fencing ever organised in Italy.

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