A.I.M.A – Italian Association for Master-at-Arms has born in 2014, with the purpose of exploitation of the Master of Arms figure, for the Historical Fencing/Historical European Martial Arts environment.

In 2018, the teachers of A.I.M.A. have been recognised as HEMA Coach (Instructor) or Head coach (Maestro) by the Italian Fencing Federation (F.I.S.). From 2018, F.I.S. directly organises the HEMA coaches certifications and training, accordingly to the pedagogy and the technical programs created by A.I.M.A. The Association co-founders and responsables, Maestri Loda’ and Gotti, are members of the Federal Examination Board.

As a training structure, A.I.M.A’s programs has been the technical core of HEMA examinations organised by the Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale – C.S.E.N, and the it’s recognised by this Sport body thanks to a Protocol of Agreement. A.I.M.A. also collaborates with the C.S.E.N for the organisation of sporting events, the development of contest regulations, and assists in the training of referees.

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The A.I.M.A.Roma it's the biggest event on Historical fencing ever organised in Italy.

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